Inaugural Post!

My name is Brian Sullivan.  I am a professional software developer, and I live and work in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  I’ve wanted to get on the blogging bandwagon for a while now, but feared that I would have too little to say, even to those who share my profession.  Well, I’ve heard often enough that if you will just start, in true Field of Dreams style, the ideas will come. 

I’m a big fan of Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror fame, so I think I’ll take his advice and commit to a posting frequency.  I’d say three times a week is a reasonable starting point.  I certainly can’t guarantee the quality of every post, but hopefully some of you out there will be able to derive some amusement from my ramblings.  And who knows, maybe I’ll accidentally post something that helps someone out every once in a while.  Until that day comes, Constant Reader, bear with a new blogger!

4 thoughts on “Inaugural Post!

  1. Brian Sullivan

    Thanks for the welcome, guys! BTW, Michael, thanks for stepping up and getting the DNUG stuff organized. This area has needed something like that for a while.

  2. Joshua Marble

    Three posts a week? I’m definitely adding you to Google Reader, then. I don’t want to miss out on any thought jewels. No pressure, man, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Oh, and don’t you just hate those guys who write “first post”. :)


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