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Today, I listened to a presentation from a company that my employer is thinking about contracting to do some design work for a site we’re rewriting and possibly a new CMS implementation for corporate stuff.  When the presenter talked about how he had founded the company three years ago after building a very successful previous business and then selling it.  Even though the company is still very new, it has contracts with some of the biggest companies in our area (which includes one of the biggest companies in the world).

I thought to myself, “This guy really knows how to make it on his own.”  The more I think about it, the more I think I’d like to own my own business.  Sure, there’s some risk involved, and you don’t have that security blanket that goes with a job in corporate America, but I think being in control of your own destiny is enough to swing me in the other direction.  I think it’s also the desire to build that I’ve written about previously, the drive to create.  I don’t think I’m anywhere close to having the kind of experience I need to be out on my own.  Of course, I could probably use that excuse for my whole career.  And I bet the hard part about it isn’t technical, but being able to build a customer base.  What do you think about being on your own versus working for somebody else?

2 thoughts on “On Your Own

  1. Joshua Marble

    I completely agree about the freedom and reward that comes with running your own company. I’ve often thought about how/when to start a company. I think the two hardest things are building customers, like you said, and what to create. With a small group of talented people, I think the technical issues would just come together naturally. But for me, what to offer and how to offer it are some big questions. If ever I get to the point in life where I really don’t need to work (which is my personal goal), that’s probably when I’ll sit down and try to figure out these things.

  2. Brian Sullivan

    That’s an interesting thought, Joshua. From my admittedly limited life experience, I think that owning a business is probably the most practical way to get to the point that you don’t need to work. Next to the lottery, of course. 😉


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