We’ll Miss You, Eric

Last night around midnight while looking at Facebook, I discovered that one of my friends from college named Eric Myers died suddenly on Sunday evening.  The only warning signs were some flu-like symptoms.  I hadn’t spoken to him since I got out of school, but this still came as quite a shock.

I met Eric while we were pledging for Delta Chi Delta, our social club (kind of like a fraternity, but lose the booze and frat house and add Bible studies and devotionals).  Eric immediately became everyone’s favorite, and the unofficial leader of our pledge class.  He had a sort of casual charisma; he was the kind of guy that you’d follow not just because he could inspire you almost without thinking about it, but because you just genuinely liked to be around the guy.  In a campus full of nice people, Eric stood out because when he talked to you, you could tell he wasn’t just being polite, but that he really cared.  It’s no wonder we made him Vice President. 

You will be missed, Eric.  We’ll see you soon, but in the meantime, enjoy that mansion, robe, and crown. 


One thought on “We’ll Miss You, Eric

  1. David Mohundro

    Wow – I hadn’t been on Facebook in a while and didn’t hear about Eric. That is awful. Thanks for posting this and giving the heads up.

    Eric, we’ll miss, but like Brian said, we’ll see you again soon.


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