New Job Update

I’m on my third week at my new job, and I’m starting to get a better idea about what it’s like to work there. Every place has it’s quirks, but I think I’ll be able to live with the ones here.

After I successfully reconfigured my machine’s development environment, (since the first time I had some trouble with the Active Reports designer) my new boss said, “Hey, now that you know how to do this, why don’t you refresh a couple of our test VMs to get them current with production.”

Epic. Fail.

It wasn’t actually that bad, but I was a bit disgruntled to be doing admin work when I was hired to be a developer, and the company has two full time admins plus a remote part-timer. But wait, it gets better. A few days later, when I had another error that was occurring on my machine but not on the one belonging to the developer I was working with, we decided that my machine was just crap, and we just needed to get me a laptop. The image used for laptops is different (needing different drivers, after all), so we figured there must just be something wrong with the desktop image.

Turns out it wasn’t that after all, but I’m glad I got the laptop anyway. That way I can work from home if I need to. Needless to say, with all the starting over I had to do, I’d had quite enough by the time I was done.

After my admin stint, however, I got into making real changes to the site. Actual user requests, too, not “Alphabetize all the procedures in this program.” Even though, most of my changes were in the Active Reports designer, I got a glimpse at how things are structured here. All of the data access (and it seems some of the business logic) is in SQL Server stored procedures. This is an interesting concept for me, since my former employer didn’t use any stored procedures. I suppose it’s good thing that the first certification I’ll be working on is for SQL Server.

I’ve had all kinds of idea for blog posts over the past couple of days, but with things as hectic as they have been, I just haven’t had the opportunity. Since my wife is up in Arkansas and I’m down in Louisiana for the rest of the week, I’ll probably get an opportunity to post a couple more times. Perhaps that will help alleviate the guilt of infrequent posting!

2 thoughts on “New Job Update

  1. David Mohundro

    From what I understand, Colin’s company is also all about stored procedures in SQL Server. I know Microsoft pushed stored procedures all over the place a few years ago and I guess that’s where this all came from.

    Glad it is starting to clear up though :)

  2. Michael Paladino

    We’re using mostly stored procs for CRUD with some business logic leaking into them as well. After 3 years, I still run into situations where it makes things really simple and others where it frustrates the heck out of me. A couple of the biggest problems have been difficulties in debugging and unit testing. I’d love for you to share how you guys are accomplishing that if you are.


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