Weird RSS-ness

Not sure what’s going on, but I’ve been experiencing some weirdness with my RSS feed since I switched to  Just yesterday, I was notified that I had two new blog posts. This piqued my curiosity, since I could not remember posting anything.  Perhaps my evil twin?  Well, it turns out that the “new” posts were actually old posts.  And they weren’t even the two mosts recent posts.  I think I may have to take this up with the team.  Has anyone else using experienced this?

Sorry for cluttering up your RSS aggregators, hopefully ‘ll get this addressed soon.

2 thoughts on “Weird RSS-ness

  1. Joshua Marble


    I have had no known issues with it, but I actually don’t subscribe to my own feed, which seems bad now in light of your issues. I regularly check my feedburner feed and have not noticed anything odd. I see you’re running the older version of Perhaps you should try upgrading to 1.4.5? The only issue I’ve found with the latest version is server offset breaks the feed for the duration of the offset value (2 hour offset breaks the feed for 2 hours after new posts).

    Also, if you upgrade, there were some issues going from 1.3.* to 1.4 regarding password hashing. I never dealt with it since 1.4 came out right before I installed it.


  2. Tim Franklin

    I’ve noticed it occasionally with my BE.Net blog but was speculating that when I edited a post it might show as new again (which I would hope would NOT be the case, actually). I don’t think that is true but I haven’t pinpointed any particular circumstances as to why it will sometimes think there are new posts, or even show two posts of the same one as new. I use Google Reader to read them so it could have something to do with that as well, but I haven’t noticed it with any other RSS feeds via G. Reader. I too, am still using 1.3.* on the Internet but am running 1.4 locally until I can tweak a few other things and post a new theme and whatnot.


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