Monthly Archives: October 2008

Why Developers Hate Security

I’m working on my 70-536 (Application Development Foundation) certification right now, and yesterday I was schlogging through the multiple chapters on different types of security.  (And by the way does anyone actually use Code Access Security? Bleh.)  It occurred to me as I was reading why I didn’t like dealing with security-related issues. 

As a developer, my primary goal is to make software that is useful to people.  Nothing makes me happier than when someone enjoys using somthing that I built.  When I do things to expressly prevent people from using my stuff, I feel like I’m working directly against that motivation.  I think a lot of developers probably feel the same way, and that may be why security has a reputation as being unpleasant to work on. 

Consequently, it ends up getting pushed to the end of a project, or even ignored entirely.  Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way to make this more enjoyable. But hey, some people hate all aspects of their jobs, so I feel lucky that I really enjoy most of the things I get to do in mine.

Repaving Sucks

During the LSU-Florida game this evening, right around the time it became apparrent that the Tigers were not going to come from behind and win as seems to be their preferred way of doing things, my laptop froze up.  I was working on a new website for the Shreveport .NET User Group using the new MVC framework (plus Dynamic Data for CRUD operations), and I was testing on my local machine with Chrome, and when I tried to open a new tab at one point, everything screeched to a halt.

“No problem,” I thought.  “This has happened before.”  I am a Windows user, after all. Wink  So I forced a hard shutdown, and booted back up.  After I logged on, everything seemed to start up fine, but when I clicked on a link in my quick launch, everything froze up again.  After I repeated this process several times with the same results, I acknowledged that there might be something genuinely wrong here.  Booting up in Safe Mode, I tried doing a chkdsk, then a System Restore.  Neither seemed to fix the problem.

I was beginning to suspect a hardware problem (which there might actually yet be, the jury’s still out), but I did notice that things seemed to work fine in Safe Mode.  “Well,” I thought, “things were starting to feel a little cluttered anyway.”  So, I bit the bullet and copied Rachel’s and my User directories to an external hard drive and began the repave.

As I sit and watch the Windows install screen, I pray to the Hardware gods that they might be merciful to me and my laptop, and that all my trials may be Software Related.  Please join me in my supplication.