Back Up and Running

Okay, so here’s what happened.  Kevin Dente twittered about the hosting deal he got a couple of weeks ago at, which was much better than what I was paying at GoDaddy.  Since my renewal was coming up soon anyway, I thought it was a great opportunity to save some money.  So I filled out all the forms, paid my $20, and was quite happy with myself.  I quickly realized my mistake, however.  The one choice the forms at Dreamhost didn’t offer me was which OS to run on.  That’s right, Dreamhost is Linux only, and I was running on BlogEngine.NET.  Fail.

It turned out not to be that bad, though.  One of the auto-installable applications Dreamhost offers is WordPress, so I just had to figure out how to import my blog entries to WordPress from BlogML, the export format used by BlogEngine.NET.  Fortunately, Aaron Lerch had developed a module to do just that.  After following his and Nate Irwin’s instructions, all my old posts were imported, albeit with some weird question-mark-looking characters in the posts.  I’ve cleaned up a lot of those, but if you look at some of my older posts that I was too lazy to clean up, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I have to say, after using dasBlog and BlogEngine.NET, the WordPress management interface is like a breath of fresh air.  People talk about the codebase being crappy, but the user experience is excellent.  Lots of features, a pleasant UI, and stuff just works.  I’m quite happy I made the move, even if it was by accident.

Another couple of plusses because of the Dreamhost move:  unlimited storage space, ssh access, and Rails.  I’ve really been wanting to dig more into Rails lately, and having the opportunity to put stuff out on the intarwebs if I happen to create something cool is great.

Thanks for bearing with me as I transitioned!

One thought on “Back Up and Running

  1. David Mohundro


    Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    I’ll have to consider this when my hosting expires, because I’m not really using nearly all of what I’m paying for right now with WebHost4Life. I’ll have to check with you later to see if you’re still liking it.


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