January SDNUG Meeting

Last Monday (yeah, I know, I’m a week behind), the Shreveport .NET User Group for the first time this year.  I have to say, I think it went much better than last time.  Not only did we have an experienced speaker in David Penton, but we actuall had pizza, too!  Seriously, Brandy at Software and Services did a great job coordinating the food and drinks, and things went off without a hitch.

Everyone seemed to enjoy David’s talk on HttpRuntime.Cache Management.  All 8s and higher on the evaluations!  If you’d like to see his presentation slides and sample code, check it out here, or you can download it from the SDNUG site here.

Next month, we’re going to have another Microsoft MVP (and newly minted INETA speaker), Tim Rayburn come out and speak about parallelism features in .NET 4.0, which ought to be really interesting.  Come out and join us on February 16th at Centenary College!

2 thoughts on “January SDNUG Meeting

  1. Hilaria G. Sauseda

    Today i just decided to look up an old childhood friend. Are you the Brian Sullivan who lived on Marnel St. in Houston, Tx? I don’t want to come off as WEIRD but, i thought i’d give it a whirl….you never know unless you try. If not, i apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks, Hilary G. Sauseda

    1. admin Post author


      Sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve never lived in Houston. My name seems to be pretty common; there are several Brian Sullivans just in the Shreveport, LA area where I live. Best of luck finding your friend!


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