Back From the Dead

I just realized that it’s been four months since I’ve last posted a blog entry, which is just dumb.  Like most bloggers, I started out with good intentions, but other things (work, family, sleep) just got in the way.  There’s also kind of a snowball effect.  Once you’ve not posted in awhile, you feel more compelled to make your next post really great to make up for the lost time, which just makes you even more hesitant to post.

Well, it’s time to end the cycle.  I hereby publicly declare that I will post at least something every day this week, just to get the juices flowing again.  It may not be technical in nature, and it may be utterly useless, but I think I just need to muscle past this block to get going again.  I apologize in advance for any time you may waste reading the ramblings that may result from this push.  😉

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