NHibernate ICriteria Queries – Way Too Many Strings

I hoped to have a lengthier blog post ready for tonight, but I just didn’t end up with enough time.  Instead, I’m just going to use this opportunity to say that I’m really looking forward to NHibernate.Linq being production ready.  The following block of code is more or less the query I have to build up to execute that search I talked about last post, not including the extra filters that are appended for each user-input value:

ICriteria query = session.CreateCriteria(typeof(Campaign));
query.CreateCriteria("CampaignStatus", "s");
query.CreateCriteria("CampaignType", "ct");
query.CreateCriteria("CampaignLocations", "cl")
    .CreateCriteria("Location", "l")
    .CreateCriteria("County", "c")
    .CreateCriteria("Territories", "t")
    .CreateCriteria("Company", "com")
        .Add(Restrictions.Eq("com.CompanyID", 1));
IList cams = query.SetProjection(Projections.ProjectionList()
                  .Add(Projections.Count("cl.DateResponseReceived"), "ProspectCount")
                  .Add(Projections.CountDistinct("l.LocationID"), "LocationCount")
                  .Add(Projections.GroupProperty("CampaignName"), "CampaignName")
                  .Add(Projections.GroupProperty("ct.Name"), "CampaignType")
                  .Add(Projections.GroupProperty("s.Message"), "CampaignStatus")
                  .Add(Projections.GroupProperty("StartDate"), "StartDate")
                  .AddOrder(new Order("StartDate", false))

Waaaay too many strings for my taste.  Looking forward to completely strongly-typed queries.

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