A Visit from Zain

Last night the Shreveport .NET User Group hosted our resident developer evangelist from Microsoft, Zain Naboulsi.  He gave a presentation that gave us a little taste of what’s in store for Visual Studio 2010.  Some very cool stuff; I especially like the dump saving/loading and the ability to tear off code tabs for better multi-monitor use.

More important than the presentation, though, I think, are the ideas Zain has for moving our group forward.  The evangelist territories were recently rearranged so that Zain is the evangelist for the state of Louisiana.  You can expect better communication and coordination between the user groups in Louisiana, including aligning our meeting dates so that we can make it easy for a speaker to make a tour through the state and catch most of our meetings.  I’m also looking forward to seeing what we can do to make sure the word is out about our group.  One of the biggest challenges we’ve run into is making people aware that our meeting exists and that it can be a great free resource for developer education.

I look forward to seeing what comes of some increased attention toward our group from Microsoft!

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