A Plan for 2010

Everyone on my blogroll is taking the opportunity of the new year to take stock of 2009 and make public plans for 2010, so I thought I would join in.

In 2009, I made an effort to start speaking a little bit more.  I spoke at my first code camp, the Northwest Arkansas Code Camp, on the Harding and LSU campuses for recruiting trips for my employer, as well as the Baton Rouge .NET User Group.  I hope to continue ramping that up in 2010.  I’m presenting at my home meeting, the Shreveport .NET User Group, later this month, and I have a trip scheduled to the northwest Arkansas area in March.  I’d like to make it down to southern Louisiana at some point, too; the guys down in Lafayette and New Orleans in particular need some love.

I also need to step up in promoting the SDNUG this year.  I felt like I was able to kind of coast for a lot of 2009 with our current set of attendees, and didn’t really make as much of an effort as I could have to make more people aware of the group’s existence.  I’ve already begun to remedy that this year by seeking out area software companies and making phone calls, which will hopefully yield some more members.  I need to get on top of speaker scheduling, too, both within the group and without.  There are several group members that I think would make great presenters, I just need to convince them that it’s a good idea!

I want to start blogging more, as well.  One post a month just isn’t where I want to be.  I think having a regular schedule will help with that, so I’m pledging right now in public to post something on my blog at least once a week.  That plan may take a hit when my daughter is born in February, but I’m going to give it my best effort.

I think something else that may help with blogging is having an area of focus.  I’ve really been interested in application lifecycle management lately, especially after all the stuff I saw at PDC, so at least for now, I think I’ll focus on Team System and TFS for a little while.  I’ve been listening to the back catalog of Radio TFS, which has been great, and I plan to seek out other additional resources for ideas. I’ve recently installed TFS on a virtual machine to play around with, so hopefully that will lead to some ideas, as well.

I hope you had a great 2009; here’s to 2010!

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