My First “Speaking Tour”

I took a trip up to northwest Arkansas earlier this week to speak to several different .NET User Groups in the area about NHibernate.  On Monday evening, I spoke at my user group “alma mater”, the Fort Smith .NET User Group.  It was great to see a bunch of my old friends from Data-Tronics, including group president David Mohundro.

The next day, I was quite busy.  I met Robby Gregory and a few other Wal-Mart employees for lunch, and at 1:30 I spoke at the Wal-Mart internal .NET User Group.  I then moved on to the Tyson internal user group (known as “DevLoop”) at 4:00, and directly on from there to the Northwest Arkansas .NET User Group at 6:00.  I enjoyed hanging out with Jay, John, Devlin, Michael, and several others at Jose’s afterwards, but by that time I was pretty beat.

I’m really glad that I’m getting to start speaking more (big thanks to my new employer Falcon Applications for letting me keep the dates only a week after I started the job!).  I’ve submitted a session for the Dallas TechFest, plan to submit one or two for DevLink, and will continue to try to speak at other user groups later this year, as well.  Looks like I’m well on track to meeting at least one of my goals for 2010!

Thanks to all the user group leaders who invited me up; I hope to be able to visit again some time!

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    1. Brian Post author


      Thanks! Alas, the t-shirts didn’t get printed in time for the tour. Now I’m stuck with a huge box of them! Want a t-shirt that says “Ayende is my hero!”? 😉


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