An Update After a Long Hiatus

It’s been almost two years (!) since my last post, and a lot of things have happened since then. Rather than dwell on the reasons, I’m just going to jump right in and give an update on what I’m up to. I want to get back into posting technical content, but I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the big changes in my life here.


This past April we welcomed our third daughter, Alice Josephine, into our family. She’s a wonderfully laid-back baby for the most part, but a dependable sleep schedule has still eluded us, which makes doing after-hours work like blogging a bit difficult.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?



A bit further back, about a year ago, I was awarded the Most Valued Professional award from Microsoft in the Data Platform Development area. At the beginning of 2011, I had started doing a lot of presentations at user groups and conferences about Entity Framework. Speaking was my main community contribution, along with leading the Shreveport .NET User Group.

This summer, after I’d turned in my contributions for the year for my potential MVP renewal in October, I received word from my MVP lead that the Data Platform Development expertise was being retired. Thankfully, they were willing to count my DPD contributions toward another area that I’d like to move into. I ended up choosing ASP.NET, and crossed my fingers; the bar for MVP is pretty high for that expertise. After a very nervous October 1st morning, I got my renewal email, so I’ll be an ASP.NET MVP for the next year. That means that I’ll probably shift the focus of my conference presentations to more web stuff.



At the MVP summit last year, Devlin Liles and Tim Rayburn cornered me and gave me the hard sell on coming to work with them at Improving Enterprises. They were very open and candid, and made me think seriously enough about the idea to talk to my wife about it. I thought she’d be pretty resistant to the idea of moving to the Dallas area, but that turned out not to be the case. Long story short, with her support, I successfully went through the interview process at Improving and took a position as a Senior Consultant at the Addison, TX this past July. We’ve moved to Frisco, which puts us only about a five minute drive from my mom’s house (which she is ecstatic about).

It’s been an awesome experience so far, and I’m getting to work on some interesting projects with some very smart people. I’m really looking forward to the Las Vegas retreat that’s happening in a couple of weeks!


Moving Forward

I realize that this post has been pretty terse, but I felt like I had to do it that way, or I’d never get through it! This was mainly a speed bump that I had to get over in order to move on to what I really want to talk about.

As a new ASP.NET MVP, I’m going to need to step up my contributions in that area in order to have a good chance of being renewed next year. Thusly, I’m going to try to start posting some ASP.NET-related content on here in the coming weeks and months.

Besides that, in order to simply exercise my writing muscle, I may post some non-tech-related content as well.  Expect things about coffee, parenthood, and World of Warcraft, most likely. 😉


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